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Christmas Light & Decoration Installation Services
Professional Installation
We can take your ideas and turn them into a reality or create a design to suit your residential home or commercial business. Simply give us a call to schedule a free estimate and we will provide a preliminary lighting plan for your review.

By utilizing custom fit light systems, we achieve a neat, beautiful display. If you move within 3 years to a house similar in size we can fit them to your new house or work them into an enhanced design for a bigger home.

We utilize skilled workers that safely install Christmas lights on most any home or building. Let us handle the dangerous aspect of climbing on roofs, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Our workers use only professional equipment and supplies in our installations. Such as lights with professional heavy gauge, top quality wire with more copper for safety and C-9 bulbs for bright safe light and low-energy LEDs for tree and window decoration. All connections are taped up and sealed.

Service Calls
We offer free service calls to ensure that your lights stay lit the entire holiday season. If a light goes out, we will replace it. If the wind from a severe storm blows your lights down, we will come out and rehang the lights for you at no charge.

Light Removal
On January 2nd we will start removing and storing lights for our customers and most displays are down by January 15th.

Take one more thing off your Christmas To-Do List,
Let The Christmas Light Guys Do It.

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